2 shops now!!!!!




I think you guys should totally buy more stuff!!!!!!

new stuff consists of:
--baby blanket (crochet)
--coaster set (crochet)
--hair wraps (crochet)

New items up for grabs


Even More CeRaMiCs

Yep. More ceramics. I had some beads that I made that werent being used, but there werent enough to sell for a decent price in one bag with just that one kind, so I mixed it up. I made 5 mix bead mags and they are up for sale at around 15.00/each + shipping 1.50, so like 16.50/each, which is totally cheap! There are 30 beads in each bag! If you want to get them, just visit my store.



On 08-18-09 I made my first sale on etsy.com! I live in Florida and the person is in Ohio! Thats far away, I wonder how they heard about me. Im so happy. Sorry, I just had to put it out there. Im offiicially a professional business owner person! Ahh. Just basking in my glory. Thank you for reading.


Ceramic Beads

     So I began experimenting with colors and various shapes for beads and such. Played with cane making and other techniques and Im loving it. I thought of another idea aswell. I want to start selling the beads I have made, I have baggies for them and everything I just need advice on how many to put in a bag, and how much to sell them for... So any ideas would be marvelous. On my etsy site, www.honeysuckle1023.etsy.com , I have a banner at the top of different beads I have made, so if anyone has any ideas for me, feel free to comment on here or send me a message through etsy. Please and Thank You for everything!


Ceramic Jewelry

Here are some more examples of ceramic jewelry that I have made, Enjoy!

Black and Silver Marble Ceramic Hoops
These earings are made to fit any outfit, or any style. They are made of 2 black beads, one silver and black marble bead, then one black bead, and sealed with one purple and black marble bead. All beads are made of polymer clay cured at 275 degrees

Dimensions: Approximately 1 1/2 inches across and approximately 2 inches long

Pink Candy Tower Hoop Earrings:
These earrings are constructed of:

Hoop: one florescent pink bead, followed by 3 florescent pink, silver, and black marble beads, then 2 black and silver marble beads, and then another 3 florescent pink, silver, and black beads, and then sealed with a single florescent pink bead.
Tower: A single florescent pink, black, and silver marble bead, then a florescent pink bead, followed by a black and silver marble bead, and sealed with another florescent pink bead. Each bead is handmade of polymer clay and cured at 275 degrees.
Dimensions:Approximately 3 inches long and approximately 1 1/2 inches wide in the hoop.
Bumble-Bee Tower Earrings:
These earrings are longer tower shaped and made of beads handmade from polymer clay. It is made with one florescent yellow bead, 2 florescent yellow and black marble beads, then another florescent yellow bead, follwed by 2 florescent yellow and black marble beads, and then 2 black beads to seal it. Each bead is handmade of polymer clay cured at 275 degrees.

I accept paypal through my etsy site, so feel free to contact me through there. Thank you!

Hemp Jewelry

     So on my etsy site, www.honeysuckle1023.etsy.com I started out with just hemp jewelry, but I decided to work on something more difficult, as you all have heard, ceramics. So I would still like some love on my hemp jewelry as well please! I still have yet to see a sale for either. I know I need to update the pictures, and I am currently working on that. If you have any other comments, or critiques, please let me know! Thank you!