So I have been looking around at different stuff on Etsy.com and I am really getting interested in ceramics. Im getting some polymer clay, hijacking my moms oven, and going to attempt. Im waiting on my shipment of clay, and I'm so excited. I am going to start out small with beads for my hemp jewelry, and then possibly getting more intracate with charms for them, and my ultimate goal is to attempt to make gagues for ears and such, I am at a size 0; therefore, I would love to have customized stuff for me, and then I can advertise more. I cant wait to get it. The only clay I knew about was the kind back in elementary school that was grey, stinky, and hard to work with. But yay! I found a clay that just needs an oven, because kilns are quite expensive and dangerous, expecially for the accident prone person I am. I just wanted to let you all know that Im excited :D

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